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Things To Consider Before Planning Your Honeymoon In Maldives!!!

Are you planning your honeymoon in the Maldives? The Maldives is truly an earthly paradise with crystal clear water, sugar-fine sand, and much more. The place will offer you everything that a person wants to have on their honeymoon. Technically, the place stays warm, and the sun is present all around the year there. Still, there is a slight difference in the temperatures in different seasons. If you are getting ready for your honeymoon and wondering how you will prepare everything, then here are some considerations you should make so that you could have the best trip of your life.

Check out these considerations:

1. Consider the weather when planning the trip:

The Maldives is one of the best honeymoon places because of its warm and sunny weather, falling between the low 70s and high 80s. The weather in the Maldives is dry from November through April. There is 100% occupancy from December to March because there is less rainfall in these months, and the sun is soft. Hence, make sure you have the Wild Stone deodorants and perfumes with you, it not only keeps body odour away but also keeps your refreshingly active and smelling great all day long. Due to high demand, in these months, rates are also high. For a budgeted visit, you can plan to go there between the prime season and off-season. Weather then will be soothing, occupancies will be less, and you can get attractive discounts and efficient services.

2. Do check and analyze the rates of resorts:

Before booking any hotel or resort, please go through the official websites of different hotels and check their rates. Some inexpensive hotels are located on a local island, and some have their expensive private island. Make the list of resorts and analyze their prices. Go for the one which seems affordable for you. Apart from the costs of hotels, see to it that you also check the distance from your hotel to coral reefs. See if you can get there by just swimming or there is the need to book a ferry for undertaking different water activities.

3. Be rational when booking a flight:

When planning for the Maldives, the most vital tip is to choose a regional flight that takes off from Middle East Asia as these flights are inexpensive. You can also go for a flight to the capital of Maldives, Male, and then, to reach the specific island, choose a speedboat. This is also an affordable option. Seaplane rides are costly but provide an unforgettable experience. The Maldives is one of the honeymoon best places in India, but if a flight gets delayed, you can’t get any seaplane ride from dawn to dusk. Therefore, book that flight that can land you in Male in the afternoon so that you can reach your booked island before 4 pm.

4. Be wise with the packing:

The Maldives, one of India’s best honeymoon destinations, prohibits alcohol or tobacco products, so do not take these products with you. Also, do not carry any religious books there. Remember to keep extra cash for extra tax on services. Don’t forget deodorants and perfumes while packing. It helps in creating a good impression. Wild Stone has a vast collection of fragrances. Carry a waterproof camera with you so that you can capture all activities and memories on land and underwater. To escape from renting costs, do carry surfing, snorkelling, or diving gear along with you. It is recommended to carry plenty of sunscreens if you want to spend tan free honeymoon at the Maldives. Do carry swimsuits, personal care products, surf wax, medical kit, toiletries, and tropical friendly clothing.

If you have planned everything, then you will have one of the best honeymoon trips over there while making sure you do your packing well. You have everything prepared before you reach there to have the best trip of your life.



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