Men and women: A different perfume for each!!!

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3 min readDec 17, 2021

Discovering the right fragrance that matches your style and personality is always a surprising adventure. But it is essential to pick one of the best Perfumes for men because it is a strong commitment that says a lot about your personality. One of the biggest questions when selecting a perfume that most people have is whether the particular fragrance is for men or women. Herewith this guide, a lot of things can get cleared. Check out this guide:

Why are perfumes different for men and women?

Usually, In India, women usually love to wear fragrances that are soft, like floral fragrances like rose, jasmine, and fruity scents. They look for light, subtle scents to wear, which makes the floral category of fragrances associated with the women-only bit. This is just a myth that such particular fragrances are only about women. Many men present out there like to wear floral and fruity fragrances too, and these can also be used for both of them. Merely it ultimately depends on an individual’s choice of what perfume one likes to wear.

Of course, personal flavour and favourite brand matter a lot.

This is a purely marketing distinction!

The distinction between male and female perfumes is mainly because of the marketing perspective. Considering the client’s perspective, many things need to be considered first. The packaging type, colour, shape of the bottle have different meanings for the customers. To attract more and more customers towards their brands, companies use to distinguish their fragrances as Perfumes for men and perfumes for women. Wild Stone deo and perfumes are designed explicitly considering the taste of the men’s perfume and how they can attract the opposite sex, but this does not mean that women can’t wear the fragrances offered by Wild Stone. It is just their personal choice.

Females like male’s fragrances!

Little by little, the taste in fragrances is changing as now women are like it to wear the male perfumes and vice versa. Wild Stone ultra-sensual Eau de parfum has changed an equation, and both men and women like to wear it because of its higher scent concentration, unique scent fragrance, and longevity. Men and women want to wear blended perfumes.

The same fragrances work differently on different bodies!

Some most popular fragrance brands like wild stone customize their fragrances considering the body needs of males. As you know, the essence of the perfume works differently on different bodies, so these are curated so that they work the best on the skin type of the males, and though it will work differently on women’s skin type.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Yes, in short, perfumes are categorized differently for both males and females. However, at the same time, if you like a fragrance and it is of the opposite sex, then you can also wear it because fragrances do have a specific gender. If you find it appealing, just grab it and enjoy wearing the same.



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