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Body perfume for men: Some popular and long-lasting notes for men!!!

Perfumes and deodorants are becoming essential grooming products among the male population. But do you know that everyone has their own preferences and like different fragrances when it comes to body perfume for men? The choices about fragrances vary from person to person. Some like woody and strong scents, while some choose to wear light, fruity, and flowery ones, but most men love wearing strong fragrances?

Check out these commonly found fragrance notes that are loved by many people.


Oud, also known as Agarwood or Liquid Gold, is a highly expensive, seductive, and intense resin that is used in perfumes. Most people either love its fragrance or hate it. There is no in-between. Its smell ranges from sweet to earthy, also having notes of leather and spices. The scent of oud is too strong that it can easily influence several other notes present in the perfumes. This is the very reason that the manufacturer has to be extra careful while selecting the combination of scents. The woody and bittersweet smell of oud is irresistible and seductive.


Sandalwood is a woody note and one of the most precious ingredients used to make body perfumes. The sweet intoxicating, and long-lasting smell complementing floral notes is widely used in the religious circles of Asia. The sensual and sophisticated fragrance of sandalwood is often used as a base note in the code body perfume to add warmth and depth to it. The wood has an aromatic fragrance that calms and relaxes the senses of the body. Because of their warm scent, sandalwood perfumes are ideal for the winters.


Jasmine is a white flower that is considered one of the sweet-smelling flowers in the perfume industry. These flowers are harvested explicitly before dawn because it is the time when their scent is at its peak and processed immediately to make perfume before its fragrance fades away. This white and yellowish flower found in tropical regions is one of the main foundation notes used in making body perfume for men. In the world of fragrances, this flower is termed ‘La Fleur’. There is no other note which has such a profound influence on the olfactory senses. The character notes on one end of the spectrum smell medicinal to sweet, and on the other, it smells musky and green.


Long-lasting woody fragrances dominate the perfumery world. The woody scent of patchouli does not come from the wood of a tree but from the leaves of an exotic bush which is found in India. The patchouli essential oil is procured by drying the leaves of the bush. It has an intense and sweet fragrance and falls into the category of herbaceous and musky-earthy. Patchouli is a part of mint, but it doesn’t have refreshing and cooling properties, unlike mint. Its tone goes well with several other earthy and woody scents such as sandalwood, cedarwood, rose, vetiver rose, etc.

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